What went wrong for the Democrats? Were Bernie and the Millennials the cause? Was it that the millennials failed to vote?

Or was it:


The media?



Low voter turn-out?

3rd party candidates?

Uneducated voters? Idealism?

Well, all of the above!

Hillary is/was a policy wonk, not a salesperson. It was like hiring an accountant to run the marketing department

The media has a vested interest in making the elections close. And, thus, she only received about 10% of the air time.

Blacks and Hispanic turn-out was low.

3rd party candidates also may have helped create change.

And, our electorate is significantly unaware of the consequences. The bulk of hoopla of the campaigns tends to obscure real issues.

And Idealism is good, but limited. Idealism is like a beacon within a lighthouse. It can merely provide guidance. If we try to commune with the lighthouse, we crash onto the supporting rocks.

R.J. Meyer, author of NautiGurl. Estimated publishing date is January, 2017