Just because I question the CDCs Vaccine schedule, the validity, and the administering of vaccines doesn’t make me an Anti-Vaxxer. I’m a concerned parent – who understands that each child has different needs and medical make-up.

My child received a limited amount of vaccines. I waited until he was older and stronger. I also did my best to make sure to only give him one shot at a time – to ensure I knew the source if complications arose. We followed the CDC vax plan and had him titered to ensure immunity after receiving the MMR and others. He has an immunity regarding MMR so he didn’t have to receive more vaccines of like.

But when he received the Polio vax his body swelled – angio adema. It started with his foot, moved to his hand and then to his face. I called the doctor at the first sight of swelling, then made an appointment and the doctor couldn’t find any medical reason why he was having this reaction. Blood tests were ordered and when that came up empty, a referral to a specialist. To date no medical reason as to why he has this reaction, and the medical professionals confirmed further vaccination was safe for my son.

I am not willing to take the risk – but I’m forced to due to the California state law of mandatory vaccination.

What if the angio-adema goes to his throat and he can’t breathe? What other side effect will he have to endure to keep the rest of the population safe? Why must my child be sacrificed for this “Herd” mentality? I want to protect my child from further harm but if I refuse any or all vaccines, I’m branded an Anti-Vaxxer, an ignorant mom defying science. An outcast whose child should be removed from my care.

This thinking that all vaccines are safe for all children is a misnomer, at least in my case. I would never judge another parent’s choice in what they felt was the best care for their child with the direction of their pediatrician. I would expect the same. I also would expect the government to stay clear of making decisions that could potentially harm my child based on, in my opinion, the ignorance of doctors who appear to be financially benefiting from the big pharmas who make these vaccines. I feel that mandatory vaccines are based in fear and greed and violates my rights and my freedoms.


To Vax or Not To Vax is a guest post written by Lisa W. 

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