In the late 90s, George Bush 43 was running for president, but he had a few problems; one was that an oil company he mismanaged was headed toward bankruptcy. Low and behold, the Saudis bought the company and provided a profit to the investors.

Then comes the War on Terror with 9/11 – 90+% of the terrorists were Saudis. Those of us who lived thought that attack will remember how all airplanes were grounded for days. Planes were required to land at the next viable airport. Passengers were left to fend for themselves. Some rented cars to travel for days to get to their destination — except for the 100 flights.

Our government allowed only a few flights…to assist friends and family with safe passage out of the US. Who were those 100 that had safe passage? High-roller Saudis!

Shortly after their exit, the FBI complained because they wanted to interview many. The Media reported this, and noticeably discontinued the subject. Could it be that the Media was being held hostage in that the renewal of the FCC license was at stake?

Have we lost our Sovereignty?

It looks like the 100 Saudis had more rights than US citizens.

Shortly after 9/11 we attacked Bin Laden’s camps in Afghanistan. It was not an exciting war. Then we found a familiar enemy – Saddam Hussein, even though there was no connection to Afghanistan.

It was reported that Bin Laden’s group was infiltrating Iraq from Afghanistan. Really?

The distance from Afghanistan to Iraq through Iran, through mountains with no roads, was about 2/3 the distance from South America to Africa. Ninety percent of the people supported this contrived war, which most now view as a grave mistake.

Maybe there is a reason for the contrived war which I’ll save for another time.

But what about the journalist, Khashoggi today? Is there a hint of where we are? The Saudis brutally killed an American resident in another country. And our government’s approach has been “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Unless.

Unless they are an important business partner! Unless we might not have enough oil!
Unless they could pull trillions of dollars out of our system!
Unless we have abdicated our Sovereignty and everything that we used to stand for.

US & Saudis Joined At The Hip – Part 1


Rich Meyer
Author & Blogger