US Invades Lafayette Park

Remember the ‘FIXER’, Michael Cohen, Trumps personal lawyer who went to prison. He’s the one that said he would “take a bullet” for Trump; but subsequently provided a grave warning. I remember it well.

He said that if Trump is reelected, we will never get him out of office, suggesting that he will come up with a scheme to continue in office as a Czar. That is probably what invasion of Lafayette Park is all about.

I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy the park more than once. It’s a very historical park honoring Lafayette for his contribution to the American Revolution. It’s a lovely park across the street from the White House and is often used for a variety events. One that I remember was The Network of Spiritual Progressives that Rabbi Lerner founded and was used as a staging area to organize about 100 attendees in introducing themselves to members of congress.

So why did the United States invade the United States with military force? It was a surprise attack on 100 or more protesters. In my last blog, I pointed out that for the first time in his presidency, we the people, have captured the ‘microphone’, meaning that he has controlled audio-visual for years. Concurrently, it was revealed that the Secret Service had escorted him to the hidden bunker below the White House to protect him from the peaceful protesters.

Bad press?

So, the invasion included some top government and military officials plus teargas (photo op#1).

The Conquistador surprised the hell out of the protesters showing his skill in battle. Then, like General MacArthur landing in the Philippines, he marched across the park to the iconic St. John’s Church for a photo op #2 to prove that he was a good Christian.

Mission accomplished? Maybe not. Was his mission to recapture the ‘microphone’? Maybe. Or maybe he recalled Cohen’s prediction and is taking TOTAL control now, just so he doesn’t chance losing the election.


Rich Meyer, Author & Blogger

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