Do we need a Third Party? Not today, but soon. Many of us recognize the need for a third party. But how do we get there????

The two major parties fight over the surface issues while both drink from the same poison well, making them both obsolete.

As the progressives continue to gain strength, we need to acknowledge that under current conditions, a strong 3rd party may result in the continuation of Trump. It happened in 1992 when Ross Perot, typically a Republican, ran for president taking 19% of the vote… (mostly disenchanted Republicans) while Clinton won the election with 41% of the vote. The reverse could happen for the progressives.

If the progressives and the mainstream democrats don’t find a path for a unified effort, the same thing could happen. As of now, Trump controls 35% of the voters, no matter what.

I’ll call this future 3rd Party the Millennial Party. If the Millennials will look at the current power structure as if they were the 30-year-old son or daughter of an owner of a successful company, then it can become easy. For discussion purposes, we’ll say the owner is a male. The kids know he is somewhat “over the hill” and losing it at times. If they push the old man too hard, he could get pissed and change his will.

In real life, children often bide their time, but the smart ones accept and honor the old man while they administer the existing contacts and develop contacts  for the next generation. Also, they develop new and better skills that can be implemented when needed. They play a very important role while temporarily subordinating themselves.

This new Millennial Party knows that they have already transcended the insanity of the current system and isn’t burdened yet is burdened by it. They are both conservative and liberal, yet neither. They will need to become active and patient, letting the old man die or retire while they prepare themselves for their destiny, their rendezvous with destiny.

Are the Millennials now ready? I think not…

What may be needed is “incremental idealism”. Many of us are idealists, but it is realistic do things step by step. When my girlfriend asks me “Do you like my chicken soup?” The answer is “Yes” while I leave off the rest of my thought…“Compared to what? Compared to no soup?” The answer is “Yes”.

A light touch often produces better results than a harsh touch. The same is true with idealism. Polite yet strong incremental idealism is likely to produce the results we seek.