A Wall 40,000 Feet High ????

Everyone knows that a wall at the Mexican Border will never happen. It’s just theatre that the media pushes to keep their gravy train rolling. This election has probably produced multiple incomes for consultants and media when compared to previous years. In my book, NautiGurl, to be released in September, 2016, I often state: “follow the money”.

As to undocumented workers: our desire for such workers started in the ’30s when agriculture wanted cheap labor; and if we are honest, slave labor. It has expanded to many areas of our lives and we have become addicted.

In the Ag world, the Gov’t requires that employers provide a social security number for each employee … And employers do so. The problem is that employers are not in the enforcement business. Thus, our undocumented workers regularly provide a fictitious SS#. The employer and the Gov’t look the other way so that we can obtain cheap food and products.

We are all guilty to some extent in that our Nation does not demand a fair wage or a living wage. The younger folks understand this…sadly from experience.

As to the Wall: Trump and the media don’t disclose that most Mexicans arrive in this country by air! Thus, to build a wall, it would require a 40,000 high wall all around the United States, including Alaska and Mexico. On second thought, Trump should have no problem doing this.