In my previsous post, The Wall, I pointed out that it would only work if Trump could build a 40,000-foot high wall. Recent events have partially confirmed this.

One report has been that of the 4,000 “undesirable” individuals trying to enter the U.S., only seven have arrived through our southern border. The other 3,993 arrived via airports, seaports, and Canada. So, it will be a big challenge, even if Trump were to build a 40,000-foot wall.

But there’s a new element that has been introduced! In Trump’s recent visit to McAllen Texas border, the mayor pointed out that illegal entry is not a problem, the existing security is fine. He said that what we really need is funds for social services relating to the migrants. We know that won’t play well with his base.

So, what’s it all about?


The Republican-controlled Congress previously passed legislation to fund approximately two billion dollars for the wall; most of it has not been spent. Then came the issue of a continuing resolution to fund the government of which Trump had agreed to and later reneged. Why? So that he can have a dramatic crisis in the search for total control. At the cost of lost wages for 800,000 federal workers and millions and millions of indirect wage losers.

The game is this: Trump will try to allocate funds from other budget items such as disaster relief or military. Then, as he tries this, he will face litigation from declaring that only Congress can appropriate funds. The lower courts are likely to side with Congress, then he appeals it to the Supreme Court which he has packed with his last two appointees.

And, if he wins, he will have total control of the government.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author.