I’ve mentioned the paradox before in my postings whereby some philosophies believe that a crisis also presents an opportunity. Is this crisis good or bad? Is there a silver lining?

Is it really about George Floyd? Or is it about something else? Yes and Yes.

Of course it’s about the injustices rendered by 4 officers, and Floyd’s murder will not be in vain, but will be remembered as the catalyst to a sea change in our society.

First, the “microphone” controlled by the drama queen in the White House has been silenced for the first time. And the Media that has had to ‘suck up’ to banal issues it creates to gain favor, are now furloughed.

The real issue is that 40% of our country lives in POVERTY. Yes, 40% of us live in poverty and this crisis has begged the question, Why?

I often ask what I would do if I worked at the meat packing plant that forced me to work next to Covid-19 infected workers while having to deal with the issue that if I quit, my family will not receive the slave wages, it will also lose any medical benefits. And this specific instance is repeated over and over when 40% of us live in a similar vice of which we can’t get out of.

Even a person in the top 10% ($115,000 per year) can be sliding backward when we deduct student loan payments and taxes along with the normal costs of children and housing. I know people like this; and, a dinner in a nice restaurant would break a tight budget.

So, The 40% are finally being heard.

But, what can we/I do?

I was again impressed with Rev. Barker, a leader in the “Poor Peoples Campaign.” I was highly impressed. I had heard him speak at events a couple times and enjoyed visiting him and his wife. I’ll be active in support of this effort.

I ask that you join me.

Best thoughts,

Rich Meyer, Author & Blogger

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