The new coin of the realm is…TOILET PAPER.

If you have TP you’re a big hitter. Did I miss a letter? Oh well. Somehow, civilization was able to function before the invention of toilet paper. Can anyone imagine that?

In the 50’s when my family visited relatives on the farm, at first, the outhouse was novel. Then, the toilet paper. Whoops, corn cobs? You have to be kidding! One alternative was the Sears Catalog, crumpled…but that was just as rough as a cob or worse.

Another upscale alternative was a sheet of the newspaper, crumpled and dipped in water; only if you were able to have newspapers.

Going back one lifetime: if you had toilet, you were up scale. Going back two lifetimes: you had to have a ‘two holer’. Going back three lifetimes: Abe Lincoln had a ‘three holer.’ Politicians are said to do anything to win an election. Of course he won his elections.

Maybe that was why Trump was throwing paper towels to the Puerto Ricans after the hurricane.

Rich Meyer, Author & Blogger

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