A Drama Per Day Keeps The Focus Astray

Each of the MillennialZ (Millennials plus the Zeta generation) just lost another $12,000. In the midst of the dramas: Stormy, Karen, McMaster, Bolton, Russia, etc. we readily lose focus and things slip by. I’m sure that is the goal of the so-called President and the whole gang.


The recent funding

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Insights to Impeachment

We are witnessing the most significant event in 45 years since most of us were born, and each of us will have a role to play.

Never has a president created the drama of the current events all at one time:

  • FBI raids his attorney’s office
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Don’t Be Fooled, Resistance Is Key

Resistance is Key 

My goal has been to provide a bipartisan approach for our readers. However, over a period, Trump has disqualified himself.

Keith Olbermann’s recent video (view video below) provides the insight as to my belief, yet there is significant history for us to keep in mind.

“Dewey beats Truman” was a headline many of us recognize.

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Impeachment – On Guard!

Impeachment is a long shot! First, it requires a majority vote of the House of Representatives. One problem is that the majority are republicans. It’s an uphill battle.

If the House were to impeach the so-called-president, then it goes to the senate which will requires a 67% vote from a senate which is controlled by the

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What Went Wrong Democrats?

What went wrong for the Democrats? Were Bernie and the Millennials the cause? Was it that the millennials failed to vote?

Or was it:


The media?



Low voter turn-out?

3rd party candidates?

Uneducated voters? Idealism?

Well, all of the above!

Hillary is/was a policy wonk, not a salesperson. It was like hiring an accountant to run the marketing department

The media has a vested interest

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