Starve the Beast

Starve The Beast = Starve The Millennials

Chris Mathews, an NBC anchor, has asked from time to time where all the political hatred came from. He should know since he was an aide to Former Speaker of The House, Tip O’Neill, who worked closely with President Ronald Reagan on many issues.  There is no

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Teachers’ Unions

Congratulations to Oklahoma Teachers!

It’s easier to squeeze the weak and the weary, it’s a human trait, sometimes done consciously and other times subconsciously. The movement to destroy the unions was a conscious effort starting during the Nixon administration with a constant drip-drip-drip for 45 years. It

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Greed Is Good??

How did hatred become so embedded in the political campaigns?

In the 1970’s, Governor Reagan advanced the idea that “taxes should hurt.” The idea, I believe, was that if an individual can notice or feel the pain, he/she will become more knowledgeable. The idea caught on and evolved into the concept that “all taxes are bad.”


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