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Dear Isabella,

I want to respond to your thoughts and religious experiences which your mother related to me such as, “Why do they try so hard to change your belief? Why the many rules? Why do they suffocate you?”

My expansive background may be of help. I had many years in my quest to find some answers.

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Dear Isabella

I was saddened to hear of some of your experiences as to religion. I’ll start by sharing my experiences and include some of what I learned by condensing the massive amounts of teachings if you want me to do so in the future.

I was born in a Protestant church. One of the first strange experiences

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My Experiences with Psychic Phenomena

When I was about 6-years old, my brother and I were at our local park, and the door to the athletic supplies was locked. I said to Bob, “Let’s just pray… we believe in ‘miracles.'” We did pray and went back and tried again, the door opened.


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Religion Is Love In Action

Religion is a methodology of spiritual growth. There are many paths. There are two elements, the emotional aspect, and the academic approach. Which way is best? The Dalai Lama said, “the one that does the most good for you.”

Our Neighbor - Religion is Love in Action
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Religionists Deep in The Waters


On the surface, people thought the 2016 election was a battle between Republican philosophy and 80-year-old goals of the Democratic party.

But below the surface, the election was really about the Supreme Court. While the headlines dealt with abortion, the right to choose, killing unborn babies, wasn’t it really

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