US & Saudis Joined At The Hip – Part 2

In the late 90s, George Bush 43 was running for president, but he had a few problems; one was that an oil company he mismanaged was headed toward bankruptcy. Low and behold, the Saudis bought the company and provided a profit to the investors.

Then comes the War on Terror with 9/11 – 90+% of the

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Smoking Guns

Smoking Guns: Could Speaker Paul Ryan Be Our Next President?

In 1972 & ‘73, Republicans held firm in blocking any impeachment proceeding against Nixon. Why? the fear of losing power. When the “smoking guns” of the Watergate tapes and the Ellsberg trial came out, the resistance quickly fell by the way-side. Why? To salvage

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A Closer Look at the Electoral College

The Electoral College Method of Selecting Our President Is Still a Mystery to Many of Us

How it works!

Each state is allocated ‘Electors’ (persons who actually cast the final vote for president), one for each congressional district and one for each senator. Most of the states mandate that the party that wins the popular vote within their

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