US Invades USA

US Invades Lafayette Park

Remember the ‘FIXER’, Michael Cohen, Trumps personal lawyer who went to prison. He’s the one that said he would “take a bullet” for Trump; but subsequently provided a grave warning. I remember it well.

He said that if Trump is reelected, we will never get him out of

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Is Trump Broke?

Short Answer: YES

The signs have been building since he pledged $5 million to veterans during the Iowa primary. Fortunately, journalists stayed on top of the pledge and found that he had done nothing.

Then came his statement that his assets were $8 billion or $12 billion. I think

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Insights to Impeachment

We are witnessing the most significant event in 45 years since most of us were born, and each of us will have a role to play.

Never has a president created the drama of the current events all at one time:

  • FBI raids his attorney’s office
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