Losing Faith in Government

Losing Faith in Government?

I had the fortune to view the live presentation today of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on CNN (3/29/20).

Being a political junkie, I was humbled by the EXCELLENCE of the hour long status report of the virus.

Cuomo was able to provide extensive detail of the situation at hand, what he and NY

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Alliance for Youth Action

Alliance for Youth Action is very much a progressive organization. Now, this is not a bad thing though it does have its quirks.

Alliance for Youth Action is an organization of many smaller organizations dedicated to getting the youth out to the polls and fighting for progressive legislation. Just to name a

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Winning the Youth Vote

Turns Out, Young People Don’t Care about Politics.

They care about change.

I had the opportunity to sit down with a local high school senior and talk politics today and the results were both expected and unexpected at the same time. Here’s what I gathered from a few hours of casual talk over coffee with a 17

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Politics is Love in Action

Serving The Good Of The Cause

When I was a child, I was excited to be able to shovel the snow for the benefit of my dad, then subsequently, to be able to mow the lawn. The desire to be a team member is within us. In kindergarten, I wanted to learn

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Religionists Deep in The Waters


On the surface, people thought the 2016 election was a battle between Republican philosophy and 80-year-old goals of the Democratic party.

But below the surface, the election was really about the Supreme Court. While the headlines dealt with abortion, the right to choose, killing unborn babies, wasn’t it really

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