A Movie Review: A Star is Born

I loved this movie!

The storyline reached reality, and it captured beautiful love scenes along with the horrors of addiction. By showing the tip of the iceberg of alcohol and drug addiction, it saved the movie.  Had they shown the reality in its fullest, it would have overpowered the sensuality of

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A Story of One of Two Heroines

The Post is a wonderful dramatization of the repeat performance of our so-called-President. The underlying story in The Post was the Vietnam War and the Pentagon Papers. It’s a must-see for the MillennialZ, who generally might have only heard of Watergate and the

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Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is a great movie and a compliment to the recent film Dunkirk. The setting was London in 1939. Britain was losing the war with Germany, and many, if not most, of the Brits, thought the war was a lost cause. Some negotiations for surrender were taking place at about the same time

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I loved the historical aspect, the accomplishment of transporting 400,000 troops that were stranded. The depictions of the horror of war which we too often glamorize. The production crews operated in four countries, a logistical accomplishment.

The aerial dog fights were superb…  with a small error: propellers continue to spin when the engine runs out of 

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LBJ – The Movie

LBJ was an excellent movie because they only presented the first half of Johnson’s legacy…the civil rights legislation.

Woody Harrelson played a great Johnson, which would be so hard to perfect because he was one of a kind. The story briefly covered Kennedy’s transition and presented Johnson’s early endorsement of

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