Religion Is Love In Action

Religion is a methodology of spiritual growth. There are many paths. There are two elements, the emotional aspect, and the academic approach. Which way is best? The Dalai Lama said, “the one that does the most good for you.”

Our Neighbor - Religion is Love in Action
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Sex Is Love in Action


When we were babies, most of us experienced sensual pleasures of holding and being held – hugs. Our mothers knew what science later proved, being hugged is a crucial developmental aspect of becoming a whole person.



As we approach puberty sensuality evolves into sexuality. Many

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Politics is Love in Action

Serving The Good Of The Cause

When I was a child, I was excited to be able to shovel the snow for the benefit of my dad, then subsequently, to be able to mow the lawn. The desire to be a team member is within us. In kindergarten, I wanted to learn

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Politics Is Love in Action


When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to shovel snow. Later, I couldn’t wait to mow the lawn. A few years later, before puberty, our family was at the Indiana Dunes. An older gal whom I had never met asked me to run and get something for her. I was

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