Healthcare Showdown: Taiwan

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Here in the states, a debate rages across party lines to determine how we as a country will move forward with our healthcare system. As of now, the United States population is about 91% covered, whether it be public insurance (35%) or private/ employer subsidized (56%). Here, private insurance dominates the market and

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Healthcare Showdown: France

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The World Health Organization released a Healthcare Performance document in 2000 detailing a methodology by which to compare Healthcare Quality across 191 different countries using similar metrics to give a comprehensive outline of which countries healthcare was the most efficient, highest quality, and least uncertain for patients.

According to the WHO,

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Progressives May Be Getting a Perk from Trump 

During the campaign, Trump said he would trash Obamacare. Then, in his meeting with Obama, he said that he liked certain provisions of it and agreed to entertain Obama’s request that two provisions be retained–parents could keep the kids on their policy to age 26, and the current requirement that no one could be denied

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