Losing Faith in Government

Losing Faith in Government?

I had the fortune to view the live presentation today of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on CNN (3/29/20).

Being a political junkie, I was humbled by the EXCELLENCE of the hour long status report of the virus.

Cuomo was able to provide extensive detail of the situation at hand, what he and NY

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No More-ona Virus Please

Guest Post
It’s January, the weather is cool, and the New Year is here, your mind focused on what’s in store for the next 12 months. “How will I be different?” “Am I getting that raise I’ve been asking for?” “Maybe I should get in better shape, I mean, spring break is just around the corner

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Life as 24 Wheel Spokes

Some years ago, when my friends and I formed a Consciousness Center, we engaged in a variety of areas based on the reading Think and Grow Rich, Sermon on the Mount, Bhagavadgita, Buddha’s Dharmapoda, and more.

Over the years, we developed a method to identify what we desire in life and then

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