Healthcare Showdown: Canada

America’s friendly hat attracts the world’s attention when it comes to Healthcare. Americans debate about its effectiveness when compared to their own system and I think a healthy portion of its appeal is in the fact it is so easy to argue about.

Medicare ‘Eh?

The Canadian system, unofficially named Medicare, is quite

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Healthcare Showdown: Taiwan

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Here in the states, a debate rages across party lines to determine how we as a country will move forward with our healthcare system. As of now, the United States population is about 91% covered, whether it be public insurance (35%) or private/ employer subsidized (56%). Here, private insurance dominates the market and

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Healthcare Showdown: France

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The World Health Organization released a Healthcare Performance document in 2000 detailing a methodology by which to compare Healthcare Quality across 191 different countries using similar metrics to give a comprehensive outline of which countries healthcare was the most efficient, highest quality, and least uncertain for patients.

According to the WHO,

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Skin In The Game of Health Care: Part III

When I was nominated for Congress in 2004, I developed a bipartisan national medical plan. It didn’t get legs for various reasons – one being that it may have been too wonky with too many numbers. Yet, we have to remember there are two kinds of numbers; one of which is the spiritual

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