Government Control: When Democracy is On Trial

Democracy is on trial. The majority of the voters are not Republicans. But, the Republicans currently have TOTAL government control. The House, the Senate, the President, and the Supreme Court. If the Independents and progressives are not able to unite in the voting booth and win control of the House, it’s likely that

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Religionists Deep in The Waters


On the surface, people thought the 2016 election was a battle between Republican philosophy and 80-year-old goals of the Democratic party.

But below the surface, the election was really about the Supreme Court. While the headlines dealt with abortion, the right to choose, killing unborn babies, wasn’t it really

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What Went Wrong Democrats?

What went wrong for the Democrats? Were Bernie and the Millennials the cause? Was it that the millennials failed to vote?

Or was it:


The media?



Low voter turn-out?

3rd party candidates?

Uneducated voters? Idealism?

Well, all of the above!

Hillary is/was a policy wonk, not a salesperson. It was like hiring an accountant to run the marketing department

The media has a vested interest

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