Is it time for kids to learn about TIME-SHARES?

In today’s world, we are faced with an issue which none of us could have imagined; should we open schools or keep the kids at home.

Most everyone can see the issues. If we keep the kids at home, the parent(s) generally have a reduced ability to work and to bring home the bacon. yet, both parents and kids would love a break.

If we send them to school as before, the compacted environment promotes the transmission of diseases such COVID19; and if that were to occur, then we are back to square one. Yet, many of us believe it is necessary for the kids to develop social integration and camaraderie in a class setting.

Maybe the best solution is the ‘half a loaf’ approach, cells of 10 to 15 students per class vs 20 to 30 kids per classroom. If we were to send the kids to schools on alternate days, then the density would be reduced and social distancing increased, think ‘time-share’.

Likewise, if the classes could consist of the same students such that if one developed the virus, the appropriate quarantine would be limited to the smaller group and regular classes could more quickly resume. Naturally, this approach would be easier to implement grade school.

Thus, a flowing method of both classroom and the home – digital world could be a win-win solution.

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