Resistance is Key 

My goal has been to provide a bipartisan approach for our readers. However, over a period, Trump has disqualified himself.

Keith Olbermann’s recent video (view video below) provides the insight as to my belief, yet there is significant history for us to keep in mind.

“Dewey beats Truman” was a headline many of us recognize. In 1948, Truman was considered to have no chance; all the polls were against him, and his campaign was always broke. On his whistle-stop campaign, he literally ran out of money to such an extent that the Railroad stopped in a remote area of the Great Plains and said that they couldn’t go any farther until receiving payment.

Truman had to pass the hat to keep going. On the train were possibly 50 reporters and one of them polled the group. The response was that 100% didn’t think Truman had a chance.

A similar, yet much different situation occurred in 1980 in that Reagan wasn’t favored to win. Then, weeks before the elections, his polls were tied at 44 to 44 and he ultimately won by a landslide.

In 1948, the polls were wrong because many parts of the nation didn’t have a telephone. In 1980, many voters were shunned for voicing their support of a Hollywood actor and thus were hesitant to express their choice in public or to pollsters.

One of the main characters in my book, NautiGurl, to be released soon, is Harvey who is an amateur historian and one who encourages us all to “eat as much history as you can.”

So why is this important?

Because “constant vigilance is the price of Liberty.” We all have to resist and not get numbed into complacency.

R.J. Meyer, Blogger & Author.