On the surface, people thought the 2016 election was a battle between Republican philosophy and 80-year-old goals of the Democratic party.

But below the surface, the election was really about the Supreme Court. While the headlines dealt with abortion, the right to choose, killing unborn babies, wasn’t it really a distraction from deep issues? I figure the real issue, deep in the waters, where the light doesn’t shine issue, is the forcing of America into a Religious State.


In the mid-2016 primaries, the religionists held back from endorsing Trump until he was the last man standing. It was apparent that Trump was a religious novice. On the other hand, Hillary had a lifetime of religious training, activities, and service. So, if it were about religion, they would have endorsed and accepted Hillary. But, religionists chose to sleep with the Devil instead.

Deep down is the hidden agenda. The goal is to have a religious state. They look at the Islamic countries with envy.

Trump supporters are now trying to teach the Religion of Trump to the next generations, the Millennials & Zeta.

What the new religion of Trump teaches is that:

  • Lying, cheating, and bullying are now right (2,000+ lies and counting).
  • Five-year marriage contracts are good, so is adultery.
  • Greed is good and should be a badge for all to see.
  • Slander is a necessity.
  • Truth becomes “alternative truth”.
  • “Love thy neighbor” becomes a historical relic.

The parable of the Good Samaritan is no longer an inspiration, but merely a fairytale. I was taught the concept of “give unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s” meant that spiritual beliefs should be independent of political organizations.

How will all this mess unfold in the foreseeable future?


  • We will have a Stacked Court with 5 conservative Republican trained in Catholicism for 30 years.
  • Abortion will become illegal, but not extinguished. It will return from whence it came, the back alleys of Shantytown
  • Schools will have to teach Creationism, school prayer will be required, while bedroom behavior will be enforced.


  • Young people will never, ever forget the importance of voting.
  • The Millennials & Zeta are far more spiritually awakened and will assume leadership and responsible roles.
  • They will recall the Great Example of Trump, as what not to be.
  • Religion will continue to diminish, and their tax-free status will end.
  • The raping of kids by the clergy will barely exist.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author