Real men don’t cry; unless they watched “March For Our Lives,” the televised march of students protesting against school gun violence across the nation. The depth and beauty brought tears of joy to my eyes.

The Greatest Generation 2.0 (GG2) has indeed arrived. These “kids” are indeed “our elders in-universe time” as Buckminster Fuller, famous American theorist and author, proclaimed. In fact, these kids remind me of the last game-changing movement in 1967.

At the time, anti-war and civil rights punctuated the release of the Pentagon Papers and impeachment. This must be the year of the Jubilee precisely 50 years later. However, there seems to be a difference between then and now. Much of the 60s involved tearing things down, and rightfully so. We had to tear down old beliefs, to resist and to fight against the Vietnam War, to endure the violence of the Civil-Rights Movement, and to discover the cancerous, impeachment related crimes. The change was painful, and the cause truncated when violence took center stage —the bombing of the Isla Vista Bank in Santa Barbara, CA.

But GG2, seem to know little of this history, but likely digested some of the lessons taught to us by Martin Luther King, Jr. His message —violence does not bring peace, and darkness does not bring light, hatred does not produce love.

As I’ve mentioned in my letter “Ode To Millennials,” GG2 are polite and a kind generation; maybe too kind and polite. And yet, they are absent of resentment, while the mature portion of our society resents almost everything.

In the midst of derogatory propaganda, such as MillennialZ are an entitled generation that wants something for nothing, all they do is text, most are unable to have a proper conversation, and so on, they have proven and demonstrated a new world unfolding before our eyes.

And, I am sure, they know there are many more structural changes ahead for them to conquer. Without a doubt, this is the generation for us to embrace and celebrate.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author