My experience with the US Post Office has always been good; I don’t recall ever having a letter or parcel lost except when I had made mistakes in writing the address.

Recently, my assistant renewed a subscription for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). To my surprise, she switched from home delivery to the US Mail. The cost was about HALF, and the service was better. Previously, the independent contractor would throw the paper on the public walk in front of my home in the early morning. I received it about 80 to 90 percent of the time. The delivery via the mail has been 100%, however I receive it in the early afternoon as opposed to early morning.

In a given week, I receive about 100 pieces of mail – half are ‘junk mail’ which I throw out and half need to be attended to. Oh, and by the way, I vote by mail and receive a packet once or twice a year: this packet is about one-forth the size of the WSJ which is delivered about 330 times a year.

So when it is asserted that increasing the vote by mail process will create a burden on our system raises questions. Currently, 40% of the nation vote early or by mail. If the the 40% were increased to 50%, it would merely be a hiccup to the system.

But what about fraud in voting? Is voting in person fool proof?

While in college, when I was a Goldwater supporter, I volunteered to be a poll observer. I was sent to a Chicago precinct on Madison Ave to not only observe, but challenge. When, I arrived and provided my credentials, the chair person welcomed me and then said “You can stand right here,” as he pointed to a spot a few feet away. About five minutes later, five very tall observers entered and were escorted to stand in front of me as an observer for the other party. Somehow, I was able to outwait them and hours later the five designated election judges seemed to accept me. Two were token Republicans.

I saw one person vote two or three times and I would challenge her then question the voters’ address. In one case, it didn’t match up and I was told “oh we know her, she just moved.” Also, there was really no way to verify signatures. So today, when we vote by mail, we have a much better chance of verifying signatures.

As the the day was ending, the Straw-boss, sitting in the barber’s chair chatted with me and said, “I only have 50 to go” and I asked “what do you mean”? He said that his quota was 700 and that he needed only 50 more.

But we can learn from Shakespeare, “Beware of Cassius, he is lean and hungry. He thinks too much”. Why is Trump protesting so much? Is there another story or another agenda?

Rich Meyer
Author and Blogger