Pseads Institute

Pseads is a Start-up by my friend Elizabeth Miller who has pioneered new techniques of teaching young people, especially those that don’t fit into the “one size fits all” category.

Pseads Institute’s mission is to create new learning environments and green technologies directed toward accessing the natural health and wisdom in human beings – students of all ages. The following values guide Pseads:
  • Every human being is a student, and every student can learn. 
  • Fostering a love of learning and spirit of exploration ripples through every area of life.  
  • Our greatest asset is the quality of our attention. 
  • Life is a function of how we listen. 
  • The most potent, life-giving actions arise from the stillness of mind and presence of heart. 
  • The human heart is the instrument that weaves the art and science of living into one.


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