Network of Spiritual Progressives

Network of Spiritual Progressives was founded by Rabbi Michael Lerner who advocates A New Bottom Line along with the need for developing “A New Marshall Plan” referring to the World War II plan that used America’s then abundance to rebuild the world.

Our well-being depends on the well-being of everyone else on the planet and the well-being of the Earth. We seek a world in which all of life is shaped by peace, justice, environmental stewardship, love, care for one another, care for the earth, generosity, compassion, respect for diversity and differences, and celebration of the miraculous universe in which we live. To successfully create a paradigm shift so that our society functions based on the above values, we need to build a popular movement of individuals and organizations that work together to advance this worldview and who are committed to their own spiritual and psychological growth and to the spiritual, political, economic and psychological transformation of our society and the world.


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