Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

Institute of Noetic Sciences does research and development in the paranormal arena. I became a good friend of the founder, Apollo 13 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell who had a mystical experience while he was returning from the moon.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, transformative learning, and engaging a global community in the realization of our human potential.  IONS conducts, advances, and broadens the science of what connects us. They reach new understandings about the nature of reality and our extended capacities. From what IONS learns, they create real-world tools that empower people to apply conscious awareness in their personal lives, and in healthcare, education, and business. IONS hosts a vibrant community of explorers and change agents who are working together to make a difference in the world. Their goal is to create a shift in consciousness worldwide—where people recognize that we are all part of an interconnected whole and are inspired to take action to help humanity and the planet thrive.


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