When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to shovel snow. Later, I couldn’t wait to mow the lawn. A few years later, before puberty, our family was at the Indiana Dunes. An older gal whom I had never met asked me to run and get something for her. I was so excited to be of help even though I later realized she was using me. So, these are a few personal indicators that we are born with a DNA to serve; and, the desire to serve can evolve into politics or any other field. With rare exceptions, pollution starts to erode the purity of being of service: I learned that I could get paid for cutting the lawn, etc.


I think that most people who enter politics start with the idea that they can bring something positive to the dance. And that’s true of both parties. And both parties generate Class A talent even though each of us may dislike much of their agenda. For example, I was on the phone one day with my friend, Hank Searls, author of Jaws 2 and many other books. He was interrupted by a call from Vice President George Bush, Sr. Hank called me back and said The VP and his wife Barbara Bush were at a local hotel and wanted to meet Hank and his wife, Bunny. Hank had sent the VP his latest books, Kataki, which highlighted Bush’s WW2 record and his ditching of a plane off the coast of Chichijima. Barbara had asked Bunny if the lobby was nice. The reason being, she said they never get to see hotel lobbies, they always had to go through the kitchen. The next week, Bunny showed me two handwritten letters from the VP and Barbara that they apparently had written on Air Force II. Barbara Bush had demonstrated that mates of politicians are equal partners in being of service.

On the other side of the political spectrum, I was invited to a home in Laguna Beach to meet a gal that was unknown locally who was running for State Chair of the California Party. Less than ten people were present while I sat next to her at the fireplace as she visited with each of us before stumping the enormous State of California. Little did any of us know that in a few years Nancy Pelosi would be catapulted to being the Speaker Of The House of Representatives, second in line of presidential succession. Both of these people are examples of great public servants. Both are extremely knowledgeable, talented, and giving of their selves. All are great examples that “politics is love in action.” Sadly, what our citizens get to see are 3-second sound bites in addition to the failings of others.


Yes, for the worse! I remember Al Gore describing the difference between ‘then’ and now. He said that when he was first elected to Congress (1977), at orientation members were encouraged to do their legislative work, then go home on weekends and visit with the people so that they can get re-elected. He then said that at orientation (2010), members are strongly suggested to allocate 6 HOURS PER DAY, dialing for dollars. It’s little known that many elected politicians work 100 hours per week and that they frequently are reminded that “no good deed goes unpunished.” I am very grateful for the many good politicians and their mates that serve our nation. Barbara Bush and her husband were two of the good ones.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author