The Intro to the Paranormal World:

About 2 or 3 years after college, I was re-introduced to the paranormal world. As I recall, Jess Stern had a book about Edgar Cayce and about the same time my friend from a service club, Ron, had an office mate, Vince, who was a psychic.

Edgar Cayce’s work is probably the most documented of all paranormal aspects and maintained to this day at A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Cayce became popular in the early 1900s and was known as the “sleeping prophet”. At a young age and for the rest of his life, Cayce was a devout Catholic. One day, he fell from a ladder and was unconscious for months. When he came to, he demonstrated unique psychic talents as what we today call a “medical intuitive”.

The Influence:

People from around the world would write to him asking for insight; there are 14,000 documented readings. He would have to go to sleep and allow a paranormal entity to come forth and prescribe while Cayce was in trance.

About the same time that I discovered Cayce, Vince started psychic classes; and, Ron and I along with our wives were active participants. We discovered that there were many dimensions of the paranormal world; and, most of us believe that it is a gift from the spiritual world which transcends religion.

Some of these gifts are:

  • Clairvoyance – the ability to see a greater dimension
  • Clairsensitive – the ability to feel insight
  • Clairaudience – the ability to hear
  • Psychometry – the ability to hold someone’s keys and ‘read’ for them
  • Healers
  • Remote Viewing – Cayce, while in trance had the ability to look over a person’s shoulder
    who was thousands of miles away. Some might call this gift “astrotravel”
  • Medical Intuitive — like Cayce and Carolyn Myss

At the time we learned that paranormal stuff was more common in the past. For example, I’ve read accounts of Abe Lincoln obtaining the results of a battle while the telegraph lines were down; then there was Mary Lincoln, a well-known mystic, and in recent times, First Lady Nancy Reagan. To my amazement, it was reported that a Psychic Society existed in Sacramento in the 1860s having a membership of 250,000 (it must have consisted of nonlocals).

The Psychic In Practice:

Often times, our small group would practice our abilities. My wife, Babs, would regularly have a pain in her foot and I would do a hands-on treatment, which she always claimed successfully. Most of us question whether it was real or psychosomatic. Then one time Babs went to Brazil, and we were not in contact until she returned. One Saturday morning, I felt a pain in my foot and wondered if Babs was having similar pain. So. I did a mental treatment and went on my way. When she returned, I asked her if she had the pain. She said she did and was hoping that I would tune in. She said it was 10 AM on Saturday. I said I must have been wrong, I felt it at 8 AM. She then reminded me of the two hour difference of time zones.

I think it was Albert Einstein refers to Quantum Physics as “spooky action at a distance”. One day, I was on the freeway and my car was boiling over, so I pulled to the side waiting for it to cool off. Minutes later, a man pulls over and says, “I thought I would need this today, so I threw this gallon of water in the truck.” Spooky?

When I lived in Palm Springs, I was in real estate and looking for a close-in vacant property. So, I took a map and tune in seeking guidance. My intuition kept taking me to a spot on the map that I knew was not a location for vacant land. The thought kept coming to me, so I drove down a dead end road. Sure enough, there was a dirt trail that continued and led to an unknown property. I never did get to do anything to this property.

Later, Ron and I were in the desert and I said, “Let’s go look for some good property.” We both tuned in to a certain property and agreed this was the one. The next day, I contacted the title company and got the owners name and wrote to him. He never responded.

My Psychic Signature:

I have heard the phrase that things and properties have a psychic signature which implies that if it is to be in your possession, it will happen. Nine years later, I was going to list a farm that I owned with another broker. And, he said to me, “When we sell this, I want you to take the proceeds and buy this other property.”

He took me to the property that Ron and I had previously designated as the one we desired 9 years prior. It’s as if the property had a psychic signature meant for me. It ended up being a successful investment along with a couple of other miracles to add to the story.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author.