US Invades USA

US Invades Lafayette Park Remember the 'FIXER', Michael Cohen, Trumps personal lawyer who went to prison. He's the one that said he would "take a bullet" for Trump; but subsequently provided a grave warning. I remember it well. He said that if Trump is reelected, we will never get him

A Salute to the Journalists

A salute to the journalists. I had the misfortune to have a sick day on day 7 of the protests which I now re-frame as a fortunate day. Many of us have seen the wall to wall coverage of the events of the protests. We are fortunate as a nation

The Riots: Crisis or Opportunity

I've mentioned the paradox before in my postings whereby some philosophies believe that a crisis also presents an opportunity. Is this crisis good or bad? Is there a silver lining? Is it really about George Floyd? Or is it about something else? Yes and Yes. Of course it's about the