The Post Office

My experience with the US Post Office has always been good; I don't recall ever having a letter or parcel lost except when I had made mistakes in writing the address. Recently, my assistant renewed a subscription for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). To my surprise, she switched from home

School in the Time of Covid

Is it time for kids to learn about TIME-SHARES? In today's world, we are faced with an issue which none of us could have imagined; should we open schools or keep the kids at home. Most everyone can see the issues. If we keep the kids at home, the parent(s)

Whoops: Another Trillion

Whoops: ANOTHER Trillion slid by. Mortgage Payments Suspended! The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Congress passed a bill that allows homeowners to suspend mortgage payments for up to a year. Although details are not clear, it probably means the scheduled payments get added to the loan balance. The article

Marching With The Stars

I had a great experience, a protest march with the stars... the RISING STARS. It happened more by accident than by a noble sacrifice that more than 1,000 protesters made. They passed near my home. I Wondered in my mind if I might be a misfit. Fortunately, I decided to

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