Healthcare Showdown: France

Guest Post The World Health Organization released a Healthcare Performance document in 2000 detailing a methodology by which to compare Healthcare Quality across 191 different countries using similar metrics to give a comprehensive outline of which countries healthcare was the most efficient, highest quality, and least uncertain for patients. According

Marching With The Stars

I had a great experience, a protest march with the stars... the RISING STARS. It happened more by accident than by a noble sacrifice that more than 1,000 protesters made. They passed near my home. I Wondered in my mind if I might be a misfit. Fortunately, I decided to

US Invades USA

US Invades Lafayette Park Remember the 'FIXER', Michael Cohen, Trumps personal lawyer who went to prison. He's the one that said he would "take a bullet" for Trump; but subsequently provided a grave warning. I remember it well. He said that if Trump is reelected, we will never get him