Our New World

Many of us, including my age group, feel so bad that we didn't know better or that we failed to see or act on issues of the day. It's a little like having tickets for the front row of your favorite concert without being able to understand much of the

School Loans… Or Enslavement?

In 1960, I went to U of Illinois- mostly because the cost was much less than other options. Little did I know at age 17 that it was, and still is, a world class institution of higher learning. As a resident, tuition was about $100 per semester. Like most of

Hi Boomer

Do you know you're a socialist? When I was young, I was taught that we should never take unemployment. I guess the idea was that it's a bad habit that one might get hooked on. Years later in '69 I was out of a job. I willingly took unemployment payments

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