A Salute to the Journalists

A salute to the journalists. I had the misfortune to have a sick day on day 7 of the protests which I now re-frame as a fortunate day. Many of us have seen the wall to wall coverage of the events of the protests. We are fortunate as a nation

The Riots: Crisis or Opportunity

I've mentioned the paradox before in my postings whereby some philosophies believe that a crisis also presents an opportunity. Is this crisis good or bad? Is there a silver lining? Is it really about George Floyd? Or is it about something else? Yes and Yes. Of course it's about the

New Leaders Council

Guest Post Since the “Dubya” years, the American people have been growing increasingly more conscious of the issues plaguing minority groups. Founded in 2005 and headed by President Mark Riddle, New Leaders Council is an organization weaponizing millennial activism by providing intensive training on how to be a politician. The