The Impending Economic Crash

Guest Post by Suede During the last few months, many Americans have found themselves concerned for their health. Masks and social distancing are still common sights to see while walking in public. In California, Gavin Newsom called for mandatory masks in public spaces, though here in my conservative suburb Gavin

Healthcare Showdown: Canada

America’s friendly hat attracts the world’s attention when it comes to Healthcare. Americans debate about its effectiveness when compared to their own system and I think a healthy portion of its appeal is in the fact it is so easy to argue about. Medicare 'Eh? The Canadian system, unofficially named

Whoops: Another Trillion

Whoops: ANOTHER Trillion slid by. Mortgage Payments Suspended! The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Congress passed a bill that allows homeowners to suspend mortgage payments for up to a year. Although details are not clear, it probably means the scheduled payments get added to the loan balance. The article