Whoops: Another Trillion

Whoops: ANOTHER Trillion slid by. Mortgage Payments Suspended! The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Congress passed a bill that allows homeowners to suspend mortgage payments for up to a year. Although details are not clear, it probably means the scheduled payments get added to the loan balance. The article

Healthcare Showdown: Taiwan

Guest Post Here in the states, a debate rages across party lines to determine how we as a country will move forward with our healthcare system. As of now, the United States population is about 91% covered, whether it be public insurance (35%) or private/ employer subsidized (56%). Here, private

Healthcare Showdown: France

Guest Post The World Health Organization released a Healthcare Performance document in 2000 detailing a methodology by which to compare Healthcare Quality across 191 different countries using similar metrics to give a comprehensive outline of which countries healthcare was the most efficient, highest quality, and least uncertain for patients. According