Religion is a methodology of spiritual growth. There are many paths. There are two elements, the emotional aspect, and the academic approach. Which way is best? The Dalai Lama said, “the one that does the most good for you.”

Our Neighbor - Religion is Love in Action (2)

The awakening usually does not come until we are able to abandon our self, or our self-interest implying that we need to concentrate on the wellbeing of other people or causes. It often seems far out of reach. Jesus said for us to love our neighbor and then went on to describe the broadest definition of our neighbor. Mahatma Gandhi said he could explain the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita in three words, “renounce and enjoy,” implying for us to renounce all personal desires in order to enjoy our world.

Our Neighbor - Religion is Love in Action (1)

My friend had a meeting with Mother Theresa and asked her what fundraising techniques she used to support her 100+ facilities. The answer was that she does no fundraising, funds just come when they are needed.

Our Neighbor - Religion is Love in Action (4)

So the bottom line of these examples is that the more we are concerned of others and the less we are concerned with ourselves, the more we are in tuned to the Infinite Presence. Religion can be love in action.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author