When I was about 6-years old, my brother and I were at our local park, and the door to the athletic supplies was locked. I said to Bob, “Let’s just pray… we believe in ‘miracles.'” We did pray and went back and tried again, the door opened.

This episode was undoubtedly memorable and something that couldn’t be proven, but it opened the channel of possibilities – there might be more than meets the eye or the ear.

At about age 12, I heard on the new TV (1953) about ESP, Extra Sensory Perception.

Wow, could that be true? So, I tried an experiment: I took a deck of cards, face down and started making a stack of cards then I intuitively thought might one of them be a nine?

There were about ten cards. Then, one by one I started to turn them over rejecting those that might not be a nine. No nines had shown up, as I got down to the last two, and as I turned over one card, I said, “Darn it, but I came close,” it was a nine that I hoped would be the last card. Being disappointed, I wondered what the last card would be.

I turned it over, and it was a nine! Woo-hoo, I was hooked!

About the age of eighteen, I had a job as a junior engineer on a construction site. This was before electronic finders were invented. Workmen would take portions of two coat hangers, bend them to 90 degrees and would walk across the road searching for underground pipes to save time in digging to find them.

Of course, I couldn’t resist it. When I returned to the office, I excitedly told my boss Ernie, one of the many saints who has appeared in my world. He said, “Oh yes, we used to use them all the time, but we used a pickaxe.” (He had to be kidding!) He went on, “You put the point of the pick in the palm, then point the handle parallel to the ground, dipping slightly. As you walk slowly across the road, the handle will turn when you are over a pipe.

Soon after, I became the “go-to guy” on the job site. It really did work! I was in heaven in some ways. Then I mentioned it to a senior office mate, Don, who said it was all nonsense and not to waste my time. When I related Don’s comments to Ernie, he smiled and said, “Tell Don that he has to believe or it won’t work.”  I’ve come to realize the depth of his comment ever since.

Being an Electrical Engineering student, I was so hooked on the subject and experiences of diving rods, I thought that the effect might be caused by magnetic or electrical stuff. So, I was exploring going to grad school, and I wanted to do my thesis on divining rods and water-witching. But, then I remembered the head of the Psychology Department answering in class the question of whether ESP was real, “If anyone in this class thinks there is such a thing as ESP I will flunk them.” Remembering that comment, I figured the engineering department might not be ready for something that I know.

I recall a concept from Hindu scriptures describing levels of “knowing” saying that there are those who have heard of the fire, there are those who have seen the fire, and there are those who have build fire. I have built my fire when it comes to many forms of psychic phenomena and will share those with you soon.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author