The MillennialZ Have Arrived

While the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL occurred a little more than a month ago, the spirit of change that follows such events is still roaring for students across the nation. On March 24th, many took to the streets to protest what they consider harms to their education and health called the March For Our Lives. And as I watch the news coverage of students like Emma Gonzalez and other outspoken young people, I’ve realized this generation has come alive. When they speak in forums and against politicians, I imagine what Penney, the heroine of my current novel, would have to say about her fellow compatriots.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, they’re here now!”

“Who’s that Penney?”

“The Millennials, Greatest Generation 2.0, don’t you remember? Two years ago you

wrote the “Ode to Millennial” and said that they would become the Greatest Generation 2.0; they have arrived in Parkland, Florida. Isn’t that awesome?”

“My gosh, Penney. You’re right. I hadn’t thought of that ’til now. I had envisioned that they would be 30 to 35 years old. I never thought they would be ages 15 to 18. This is even better than I had envisioned. They have more common sense and pluck than the whole U.S Congress. Let’s all get the F*** out of their way.”

As a Millennial herself, Penney could only view current events as merit in her generational story. She’d support the cause and see Millennials and Generation Z as trailblazers. And I’d agree with her. Though they may be young, and not what I expected, I admire the work and efforts both generations are making for themselves and others. From where I stand, they are an example older ages can learn to mirror. I’m happy to yield and watch them change our society.

R.J. Meyer, Blogger & Author.