I had a great experience, a protest march with the stars… the RISING STARS.

It happened more by accident than by a noble sacrifice that more than 1,000 protesters made. They passed near my home. I Wondered in my mind if I might be a misfit. Fortunately, I decided to join the walk.

The first thing I noticed was the speed of everyone, except me. When I ran cross-country in high school, I was designated as “Captain of the Back Lines.” I now understand.

Then I noticed many cars driving in the opposite direction giving me a ‘thumbs up’. I guess I kinda stood out. At age 78, the next closest in age could have been half that. But most of the gallery of cars and pedestrians were very supportive.

Then, I noticed a quiet ‘thank you’ from fellow travelers, pleased that someone from what’s called the WWII generation (the one before the Boomers) would be in their camp.

Soon into my walk, a young gal walked over offering me a bottle of water. “Thanks, but, I live close by.” Did I look that bad? I asked her how they all survive and how others got water. She lifted her backpack answering “this is it.”

After a mile, and after everyone had passed me, I took a five minute break and started back. And, surprise! They reversed course. Oh Great, I’ll be closer to the front. This time half way back, another gal didn’t ask if I wanted water as she pushed a bottle in my hand. Thank you!

By the time I returned to my starting place, all had again passed me. I guess “old captains of rear never …”

Everything was peaceful. I got to be with what I call “The Greatest Generation 2.0.” I’m more sure than ever that we will be in good hands when they assume their station in life.

Time is of the essence, and so is survival!


Rich Meyer, Author & Blogger

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