Losing Faith in Government?

I had the fortune to view the live presentation today of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on CNN (3/29/20).

Being a political junkie, I was humbled by the EXCELLENCE of the hour long status report of the virus.

Cuomo was able to provide extensive detail of the situation at hand, what he and NY are facing, and what they are doing. The volume of thought, detail, compassion, and real knowledge was pleasantly shocking. How one person could absorb the detail, along with maintaining focus on the big picture in a relatively short period of time is phenomenal.

I kept thinking he had to be working 48 hour days for the last month.

I had the pleasure to meet his father, Mario, in the 80’s while he was considering a presidential race. Andrew is a chip off the old block. It’s a very popular feeling and belief that political leaders, and candidates, are useless show boats. My experience has been that many, but not all, reflect a similar level of dedication that Gov. Cuomo demonstrated today.

As to teaching government and civics in our schools, this one hour presentation capsulizes what government is about.

Rich Meyer

Author & Blogger

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