Fast Backwards: in my Blog, “Smoking Guns, I indicated the possibility that Speaker Ryan could become President, a very unlikely scenario. And, in my Blog, “Religionist Deep in The Waters”, the assumption that Kavanaugh will be confirmed is for sure.

So now, the landscape has changed overnight.

Many pundits believe he is toast. Even if Professor Christine Blasely Ford presents a believable case, it kind of doesn’t matter.

If he doesn’t withdraw, every Republican senator will be at risk if they will vote for him. So, how will it play out:

Option 1 – Trump could withdraw the nomination. But, many pundits believe he will never admit defeat, thus forcing a Senate vote in which they are more likely to lose control of the Senate.

Option 2 – Assume President Trump doesn’t rescind Kavanaugh’s nomination and assumes Kavanaugh doesn’t want to withdraw on his own, then the Senate is forced to vote, and they will not want to do so.

Option 3 – The powers that forced his nomination (Religionists and Republicans) are going to have a “come to Jesus talk” and get him out the best way they can.

Kavanaugh is a major liability no matter which way things turn. The betting odds for Speaker Ryan becoming president were 1 in 10 million (LOL); the new betting line might be 1 in 10 thousand.

“God acts in strange ways”, he even protects us from the religionists.