We are witnessing the most significant event in 45 years since most of us were born, and each of us will have a role to play.

Never has a president created the drama of the current events all at one time:

  • FBI raids his attorney’s office
  • The Russian conspiracy continues
  • Speaker of The House jumps ship
  • Stormy Daniels suit is alive
  • The march to war with Syria (and Iran).

If he can keep the drama going, we lose focus on the real issues.

I often remember a quote from President Harry Truman, “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.”

This so-called-president can demolish everyone in his path except Stormy Daniels and Russian President Putin, but we’ve seen this before. As Trump continues the charade, we see him imitating Joe McCarthy of the 1950s.

McCarthy had control of the nation by accusing most everyone of being a communist sympathizer. Everyone was afraid to confront him because they risked being neutralized. Even Presidents Truman and Eisenhower walked on eggshells. Trump was able to destroy 16  campaign opponents using a similar technique.


Today, our politicians walk on eggshells. Why? If they are neutralized or destroyed, their viability becomes minimized. So, we are witnessing a replay of Watergate.

In 1972, Nixon demolished George McGovern winning 49 states. He was on a roll but had a burr in his saddle with the “third-rate burglary” of Watergate that occurred in the ‘72 campaign. In May 1973, a special prosecutor (Cox) was assigned to the case that had been filed. The more Nixon and his co-conspirators wiggled to try to make the case go away, the more that was to uncover. Think, Robert Mueller.

I think most people would agree that Nixon would not have been impeached based on “third-rate burglary.” It was the cover-up that got him; that required a great deal of time to process while senators continued a wait-and-see attitude. Early on, the votes just weren’t there for impeachment. Fortunately, the Democrats had the majority, but it wasn’t enough.

As the noose was tightening, Nixon fired Cox in October 1973, something Trump is still exploring. The firing of Cox precipitated the “Saturday Night Massacre” whereby Nixon had to fire the Attorney General and others until he could find a person to use the hatchet. Today, Trump will likely have to fire even more people in the line of succession to accomplish his goal of getting control of the Department Of Justice.

The pressure continued for another ten months. Finally, when Sen. Goldwater met with Nixon and advised him that the votes just aren’t there for acquittal, Nixon chose to resign. Today, many senators have silently indicated that firing Mueller would speed them to impeachment.

But today, a slander campaign against the Department of Justice ( FBI, Mueller, et al.) was started by a Trump affiliate. They have a full-time staff and mega funding. Now that Trump has total control over the three branches of government, impeachment is our last defense against a dictator and a fascist government.


Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author.