Many of us are asking why Trump has chosen to change course for border enforcement after 17 years of asylum. Over the years, people from other countries show up at our border asking for asylum because of political or personal danger within their homelands.

At the border where there are legal points of entry, people are scrutinized to a certain degree and are possibly accepted. Then there are those that cross the border, illegally. And, once across they have created a misdemeanor; and misdemeanors are administered by the court system.

The issue has become the separation of kids from their family. In the past, those having the misdemeanor designation were not separated. The policy was changed by executive order; and, it has been pointed out that with a stroke of a pen, Trump can reverse the order.

So why doesn’t he do so?

He claims he is enforcing existing law the previous presidents interpreted differently. And, that Congress should clarify the law. Why would he create such a mess? Why would he create another drama? And, will he reverse course?

The answer is simple and obvious to some of us. If Trump uses his executive power, the drama doesn’t exist. So what is he after?

If he can defer the issue to Congress, the drama will continue, but Congress will have to generate a law to then be signed by the president. But, in the process of rulemaking, there are negotiations and a “horse trade” is standard.


In the horse-trading game, Trump will not sign off on the bill unless his frigging Wall is funded.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author