Do you know you’re a socialist? When I was young, I was taught that we should never take unemployment. I guess the idea was that it’s a bad habit that one might get hooked on. Years later in ’69 I was out of a job. I willingly took unemployment payments with gratitude.

The world has changed…quite a bit since. In talking to my friends, many of them retired, they continually preach the anti-socialist mantra: it’s as evil as Communism, or a slippery slope to that end.

These are the folks that enjoy the social security checks along with the previous VA benefits which helped them buy their first home. Oh, yes of course, they have gold-plated Medicare.

As to icing on the cake, they use the roads and the infrastructure of water and other systems that their predecessors gave to them. Don’t we all bitch when these go bad?

I guess they feel better when they say that the EVIL Big Government is screwing them and everyone else.

Well many of them would like to think they could “pick themselves up by the bootstraps”; albeit, they simply are unable to bend over to do so.

Rich Meyer, Author and Blogger

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