Democracy is on trial. The majority of the voters are not Republicans. But, the Republicans currently have TOTAL government control. The House, the Senate, the President, and the Supreme Court. If the Independents and progressives are not able to unite in the voting booth and win control of the House, it’s likely that the Great Experiment of the last 230+ years will end in a crisis.

In my November 2016 blog, “A Vote For Change At Any Price…” I describe what has happened when the Republicans have full government control. For the last 89 years, it ALWAYS ENDS IN A SEVERE CRASH.

The Republicans only controlled the three branches twice for more than a year. In 1929, a Republican control resulted in the Great Depression and from 2001 to 2008, it resulted in The Great Recession.

There was one other time in 1951-1953 where the government shifted back and forth because of the death of seven senators.

So what do I project will happen if the Republicans maintain control after the coming election? Three things:

  1. we will have lost Democracy forever,
  2. we will have an economic collapse worse than the last two,
  3. we will have tyrants ruling.

We have experienced ‘a change at any price,’— it’s only working for the top 1%.

Rich Meyer Blogger & Author