No, it’s not about dividing and conquering one football team against the other.

It’s about dividing and conquering a Nation.

The so-called-president has captured the 35% as the solid base for his agenda. But the remaining 65% could be a challenge if he is able to stay in office. The 35% is solid. If the remaining 65% can be divided, advantage Trump.

Now comes the football squabble. Trump seems to be pitting one batch of this group against the other, just one more move to create disharmony in a major sector of our society. This alone won’t do the trick, but an endless drip, drip, drip of conflict within the opposition will act as termites within the 65%. A divide and confuse the opposition.

The opposition needs to evolve into a single block. It needs to unify, ‘all the kings horses….’ into one single, solitary group under a banner of “Anti-Trump at any cost”.