What do Donald Trump and Harry Truman have in common? Their similarities stop at the first four letters of their names.

In the past, Donald Trump became a fan of Richard Nixon and had met with him and flew him from Houston to NYC. Allegedly, Nixon told Trump that he would make a good president.

Harry Truman had commented that Nixon could lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Nixon must have seen the potential in Trump to lie out of all sides of his mouth, body, and demeanor at all times.

When it comes to emoluments, meaning the acceptance of anything of value while in public office, Truman set a rare standard,  but not uncommon among our elected officials today.

As president, Truman had been to an event in the Northwest, possibly Seattle, and stayed at a hotel. When he went to check out of the hotel (can you believe he was checking out himself?) he was told someone paid the bill.

Truman declined, insisted that he pay the bill, and insisted on knowing the culprit. It turned out that an important official within the Union tried to pay. Truman figured accepting the paid bill could be used against him.

Today, the list of emoluments our so-called president has accepted is endless. There are six criminal investigations and counting in addition to the endless emolument issues. The latest as of today is the story of Trump having five secret meetings with Putin and that the FBI, our FBI, had suspected that Trump could be an “asset” of the Russian government.

My bet is the whole crisis of the Trump presidency will unravel as his attorney, Cohen, testifies before Congress in late February. And keep in mind that V.P. Pence has had direct knowledge of all the misconduct which has occurred.

Rich Meyer, Blogger & Author.