Dear Greta,

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Thank you for saying that the established generations were not bad people; no, we’re just dumb and infected with greed.

We think that we will live forever – if we have enough.
We think that we can hire people to service all our needs, even if no workers exist.
We think that providing wages at or below subsistence rates will help you to learn how to “pick yourself up by the bootstraps.” Then we think that you are ungrateful.

But, the Millennials and Zetas are born with an inner knowledge. You know the failings of capital which has no heart… or integrity. We have proven to you that infinity is a real number in the form of unregulated capitalism.

The sooner your generation steps up and takes over, then survival has a chance.

Our economy is based upon a growing population that would build and buy things. But I’m reminded of the sayings from the hippie generations of the ’60s: “What if they hold a war and nobody shows up?”

What if we continue Capitalism (with a capital ‘C’) and nobody joins in? Well, maybe that is in process right now.

Repeatedly, my young friends say they wouldn’t think of bringing a child into this world. Will Gerber (baby foods) go broke?

A motorcycle expert says business is slow because the older folks don’t seem to have the money while the younger ones just can’t afford them.

The philosophy of ‘Starve the Beast‘ has worked wonders over the last 35 years. There is more poverty – But, it is now coming to the capital markets. Interest rates are plunging along with investment returns such that retirement plans will start showing a shortfall.

For years, all my young friends have intuitively thought a recession or depression is on the horizon.

Greta, has my generation shot themselves in the foot? I’m told that the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ has two meanings: trouble vs opportunity. I see opportunity coming your way.


Rich Meyer
Author & Blogger