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 The story of Penney, a young girl raised in the California beach town of Newport Beach, born in 1977. Her young hippie mother acquires a bar catering to an eclectic clientele who form an old-timers club encompassing diverse professions and experiences. The club members become mentors who guide Penney on important aspects of life, and the world, as she evolves from childhood to womanhood. 
Penney’s Beach is riveting and profoundly charming…A must read book for the Summer – AZIM KHAMISA
The thing that impresses me most about Penney’s Beach is how Meyer weaves profound spiritual philosophy into the fabric of everyday thoughts ad acts that viscerally mortal humans like us can relate to. – DR.BARBARA E. FIELDS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ASSC FOR GLOBAL NEW THOUGHT
What a brilliant idea to have this inquisitive girl interface with a cast of characters to expose truth and relevance of our society’s honest topics. – DAVID BISHOP, FOUNDER, PATHWAYS TO PROGRESS

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