History proves that change is a slow process, after more than 230 years, very very slow in many cases. Look back over the course of 230 years it’s evident that it’s can be extremely slow….

When the union was formed, the political bargaining and horse-trading that occurred when apportionment of the population took place was such that slaves were counted as 60% of the white man. Women were 0%. Muslims and Buddhists were non-entities.

Less than ‘four-score and seven years’ later, the Civil War was fought. The issue was resolved! But force and victory did not change the heart and minds of some of the nation.

About 100 years ago, women obtained the right to vote but continued to be treated as second class citizens in many areas. About 70 years ago, Gandhi brought a new light to the world with the concept of passive resistance along with non-violence. And, Dr. M.L. King, who was influenced by Gandhi, brought the non-violent approach to our country. Over the last few decades, this light continues to dim.

Some of us are taught that we must love everyone, that we must love the person, not the action. We must hate the action, not the person. Charlottesville tells us more about ourselves, as a nation, than we want to know.

I remember the aftermath of the Nixon crimes. Someone, I think it may have been Daniel Ellsberg, said that it would be impossible for a honest nation to elect a crook. Paraphrasing this concept, it would be impossible for a non-racist society to elect a racist president.

Sadly, we all have a lot to look at.