Change The World Today

When abundance came my way, I was able to increase my giving to 50% of my income. Then, I started to think in egoistic terms that I wanted to start a “Save The World” charity. I soon learned there was a better way to give back. I looked at the many charities I already supported and realized that many of them consisted of saints that were doing tremendous work. Since then, I’ve contributed to over 30 charities and have a special liking for small startups that need seed money or medium-sized organizations. Many of these organizations have grown so large they no longer need my support. So my primary job has become, “trying to select saints” to support. What a great “job” to have! Learn more about the organizations and charities I support below.


Pseads Institute

Pseads is a start-up by my friend Elizabeth Miller who has pioneered new techniques of teaching young people, especially those that don’t fit into the “one size fits all” category.


Pachamama Alliance

Pachamama Alliance brings a troubled world to the insights of the tribal communities, particularly, Ecuador. I was able to meet the person who penned a portion of Ecuador’s constitution which says, “Nature has Rights”, a philosophy that has rapidly spread.


Non Violent Peace Force

Non Violent Peace Force provides unarmed field personnel to bring dialog, instead of fighting to countries such as Sudan. It took me all these years to learn that famines were caused not by a shortage of food per se but caused by war.


Select a Saint You Can Support